Saturday, March 23, 2013

Eat Your Veggies

My girls will not ingest a single piece of food that is green. 
Except a green M&M. 
I don't know where I went wrong but at some point they just stopped eating vegetables.  So this recipe is perfect to get some protein and veggies into a girl who doesn't like meat or veggies.

Below is the version I make that Roo gobbles up.
What Roo calls Zucchini Patties

Grate 1 cup of zucchini.
fingernails optional
Salt and drain for 30 min to remove excess water
photo bombed by Roo
Rinse and smash 1 can black beans
I love smashing things
the zucchini
the smashed beans
1 egg
20 crushed saltines
1/4 cup Mexican shredded cheese blend
2T chili powder
1/4 t cumin
1/4 t salt

I mix it together with my hands like a meatloaf or a salmon/chicken patty. 
Oh - did your mom ever make salmon patties using salmon from a can
where sometimes you saw that spine looking thing?  No?
not dog food
I just form them into patties and fry them in a little olive oil.
I eat mine with salsa and sour cream. 
Roo is a ketchup girl. 
Pink opts out.
that's a bread plate
they are about the size of
a small hamburger
I make 5 patties at ~20 carbs each.

A shout out to Roo who is slowly eating more veggies, two bites of sauteed zucchini or roasted or steamed cauliflower or broccoli and cauliflower smothered in cheese sauce or kale chips. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Bub's Best Bundt

Bigfoot tell make Bub's favorite cake.  So did.  Bigfoot have all the goods.

Baking night
Easy to mix up.  I only have a regular sized Bundt pan.  Don't think I've ever measured up so much brown sugar or cinnamon for one recipe.  Beware children circling, whimpering and howling like dogs waiting for fried bacon. 

Roo: "I've never smelled anything like that!"

In the meantime, double torture for Pink smelling such heaven while fighting a stubborn low.  For 10 hrs 1 hour 15 min and 60+ fast acting carbs: 61, 55, 76, 71, 76, 96, 132.*  Sky high later.

  • Cake really ginormous, 100 lbs, doughnut shaped, yummiest cinnamon muffin/pumpkin bread-no pumpkin.
  • Must get half Bundt pan
  • Bake time 55 min
  • I spill the powdered sugar every blessed time
  • I was not able to wait for cooling.  Had 1/2 piece while warm even though this is the kind best next day.
  • Bub's numbers freaky high after eating.  Pink's numbers freaky low while baking.**
Eat test
Roo: non-compliant
100 wake out of bed (sounds good but 30 pts down from 2.5hrs earlier when I left for work)
Eat Bub's Best Bundt cake and love + granola bar
108 1 hr pp
136 2 hr pp (6 units iob!)
189 2.5 hr pp

All test subjects have Type 1 Diabetes.
Bolus worthy.

*I know, lots of checks for short period of time.  She kept saying things like "I feel lower."  "I'm dropping again." "Why isn't it coming up?"  The look in her eyes...
**I think she is coming into a period of decreased insulin needs.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Congruous Packing

1 cardboard box, 1 plastic sleeve, 1 bubble wrap sleeve,
1 ice tube, 1 pillow envelope for 1 box priceless cargo. 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Intractable Thoughts

Friday was such a good day.  Sort of a breakthrough day for some issues around here.  Pink spent the morning at school.  I picked her up at noon, dropped her off at home, told her I would be working late and I would be calling to check in like normal. Off I went to get in some much needed work hours.  I got distracted at work and didn't call until 4:00.

Intractable Thoughts:

huh.  no answer. dial again.  no answer.  come on, come on. I'll wait a few minutes.  probably in the potty. couple minutes. no answer. don't freak-sometimes she can park it in the bathroom as long as the dad. no answer. hanging up before the answering machine can pick so as to have a continuous ring. no answer. again. no answer. dammit. she's so low she doesn't comprehend what the ringing is. no answer. she's passed out. no answer. how long has it been. 15 minutes. shit. there is a reasonable explanation.  then answer the freakin phone.  maybe on computer with loud music.  not logged into facebook.  damn.  no answer.  again.  no answer.  she's been on the floor for hours now because I didn't call earlier to verify a check. time to go. if I don't go, she'll be dead on the floor.  if I do go it'll be OK.  at least it's not snowing.  I've gotta calm down.  breathe in. breathe out.  shit-slow down.  if I kill myself on the highway no one will be home for another couple hours.  I really need to make a if-something-happens-to-mommy document.  please be ok. what would that do to Roo.  what if something happens to one.  how would the other get through that. too dark. she's fine. wonder what the dog is doing if she is in trouble. almost there. review if on floor; frosting in gum, 911 on speaker, glucagon, roll on side, check BG, lock dog in room out of the way. who do I call  don't hit the garage door with car. why am I pulling into the garage. damn, my legs are wobbly.  in the door. not in main part of house.  Pink? nothing. napping? tired because low?! PINK! omigod, where?! please please no no no. must be in back of the house, turn corner.  hear KPop. shower running.  knock, knock.

"Yeah?" Pink says.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Another One

Roo just told me another child was diagnosed in our school.


_ _ _ _ _ _ 
(add any and all other expletives here)

That makes 8 in grades 5-12.


In a town of ~6000.