Monday, March 18, 2013

Bub's Best Bundt

Bigfoot tell make Bub's favorite cake.  So did.  Bigfoot have all the goods.

Baking night
Easy to mix up.  I only have a regular sized Bundt pan.  Don't think I've ever measured up so much brown sugar or cinnamon for one recipe.  Beware children circling, whimpering and howling like dogs waiting for fried bacon. 

Roo: "I've never smelled anything like that!"

In the meantime, double torture for Pink smelling such heaven while fighting a stubborn low.  For 10 hrs 1 hour 15 min and 60+ fast acting carbs: 61, 55, 76, 71, 76, 96, 132.*  Sky high later.

  • Cake really ginormous, 100 lbs, doughnut shaped, yummiest cinnamon muffin/pumpkin bread-no pumpkin.
  • Must get half Bundt pan
  • Bake time 55 min
  • I spill the powdered sugar every blessed time
  • I was not able to wait for cooling.  Had 1/2 piece while warm even though this is the kind best next day.
  • Bub's numbers freaky high after eating.  Pink's numbers freaky low while baking.**
Eat test
Roo: non-compliant
100 wake out of bed (sounds good but 30 pts down from 2.5hrs earlier when I left for work)
Eat Bub's Best Bundt cake and love + granola bar
108 1 hr pp
136 2 hr pp (6 units iob!)
189 2.5 hr pp

All test subjects have Type 1 Diabetes.
Bolus worthy.

*I know, lots of checks for short period of time.  She kept saying things like "I feel lower."  "I'm dropping again." "Why isn't it coming up?"  The look in her eyes...
**I think she is coming into a period of decreased insulin needs.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks (to you and nomnom recipe). but seriously, I've only ever use my Bundt pan for monkey bread. a Bub's Best, super dense, regular sized Bundt cake is a monster.

  2. That looks good, Laura! Is the recipe at Bigfoot's site?

    1. Hi Holly - thanks! Yes, for the recipe just follow the link under the text "Bub's favorite cake".