Thursday, August 1, 2013

Better Too Much than Not Enough - Cheer Camp

Better too much than not enough, right?  Sometimes I can't stop myself.  Roo off at cheerleading camp for 4 days and then a water park. Cheering, dancing and stunts from morning to bedtime. Diabetes camp = pump, cheer camp = MDI.  And that's just how she rolls.  She went back on MDI about a week before leaving and this will be the first cheer camp on MDI. Gulp.  No disconnecting or nice 50% temp basal for overnight.  We did decide to lower her Lantus by 3 units. So for a girl on MDI and we have no clue what will happen that probably won't like 80% of the food served, behold the loot:

1. two tubs glucose tabs. Can you believe this one doesn't like Glucolift?!
2. package of juice boxes.
3. peanut butter crackers.
4. protein bars.
5. ketone test sticks
6. individual Crystal Lights
7. A couple G1s
8. homebase d-supply bag and smaller bag to pack out sharps
9. syringes. I have a thing about always having a syringe on hand.
10. back-up meter
11. grapes
12. apples
13. Dry Pak for water park. She refuses to wear, I have an anxiety attack.
14. trail mix
15. crackers and peanut butter
16. dum dums 
If there is a lower low I swear by having glucose in the mouth in addition to regular treatment. 
Roo likes suckers, Pink uses sugar pop-sickles.
17. medical alert temp tattoos no jewelry allowed
18. box of test strips
19. fruit snacks
20. box of pen needles
21. emergency kit for coach to carry 
Glucagon,tabs,frosting,extra syringe

Not shown: uh...insulin pens!


  1. Hi!! Laura all the best for your camp. I think your list is not lengthy. The most important thing is FIRST AID BOX. Is it missing??//

    Tahitian Noni Juice

  2. it sounds like the coach is pretty cool with it/knows what to do/carries things, at least.

    i know she'll be fine! i know she'll have fun! but i'm kind of nervous right along with you.

  3. I'm going to try that glucose in the mouth thing!