Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Night in the Life of...with a Stubborn High

409 at 11:00pm.  Where did THAT come from.  Why, oh, why?  Hands clean.  Correction through pump.  Temp basal for 30 minutes at 150%.  I think it should be more but don't change it.  I don't know why.

I watch some of The Walking Dead.  Very gory.  Repetitive.
Chased by zombies, smash in zombie heads, talk about life with zombies, repeat.
I feel stupid because I didn't figure out she was in the barn the whole time.

The check two hours later yields a 364.  Correction through pump.
I briefly think about emptying the dishwasher but finish off The Walking Dead instead.

Another check at 1.5 hours gives up a 341. I should probably change the site but the last time I changed a site in the night Pink didn't move a muscle but her eyes POPPED open.  Like a close up shot of the villain of a suspense flick whose eyes fly open at the last second to let you know he lives to do evil another day.  Or like Bella.  I decide to give an injection and add a half unit. Pink has fallen asleep in her jeans so I fish down her pants to her leg site and fumble blindly to unhook her site.  Sites that are not parent friendly.  I hang the tube off the side of the bed and bolus the carpet so the pump will continue to keep track of the insulin on board.

I double check the syringe for the correct amount.  It's 2:30am.  I triple check.
Walking down the hall with the loaded syringe I hope I don't trip and impale myself with a syringe holding 2 units of insulin.   I check for ketones and think how friendly the ketone meter is to beep at me when it has enough blood.  No ketones.  I dig back into her jeans to make sure I connected to the current site and not an old one she still might have hanging out in there.  

I debate whether I should catch an hour of sleep or just stay awake.  Awake is safer.
I pass the time by starting this post and spend several minutes trying to figure out how to spell "yield". Yeld...yeald...yeild...does not compute.  Maybe awake is not safer.

It's 4:30 and the dog looks at me for a solid minute trying to determine if it's potty time or not.  Not.
342.  Dammit all to hell.  Site change.  Grumpy Pink.  Temp basal.  Cancel temp basal because I moved the site to her tummy and she usually gets zippity-do-dah insulin action at the start of a tummy site and I need to lay down and am scared I won't wake up to check.

When will I learn that numbers that high in Pink need aggression?!  I could have had this knocked down by now. 300s all freaking night.  Poor baby girl.  I hate nights like this but I won't be defeated.  Good night morning.


  1. 4:30 is sort of a magical time, isn't it? by then i know i'm bonkers, and am 100% sure, no doubt about it, that i'm up way way way past my/anyone's bedtime. 2 or 3 o'clock someone might be up late just having fun at a party. 4:30 is sincerely effed up.

    i love reading your posts. and they're not just entertaining/emotional supportive. i always learn something. this time: a temp basal can be >100%. cool. thanks!

    Hop you get a nap or whatever you like for a break.

    1. It is magical! I can be totally bonkers or totally euphoric thinking I don't need sleep at all. Got some naps and good thing because still fighting. Only saw one number in the 100s today.

    2. Me too! By 4:30 I'm all, "This isn't so bad! it's like running...the first five miles are the worst." then BOOM! Crash. Bitch.

  2. I hate stubborn highs. Especially at night. Although they also suck during the day. I pretty much hate them day or night. Hope you get to take a nap and hope the wake-up number made it all worth it!