Monday, November 5, 2012

MDI Day 5

It's been 5 days since Roo has gone back on MDI (multiple daily injections).  It's been...OK.  Numbers are still too high.  More 200s than 100s.  I tend to be cautious because 1. she spends so much time away from me now and 2.  She's a I-say-in-the-most-loving-way flighty teenager and 3. I'm a big fat chicken. 

She has been on the run constantly and grabbing food here and there.  Football is finally done and now the musical is done so she should be able to go back to some kind of eating schedule.  
no pump under there

There have been some struggles with communication. It's been a constant stream of reminding and preaching about remembering when she last bolused and not correcting before 4 hours.  Which usually doesn't go over well with the everyday normal level of teenage contrariness.  Also piecing together a log from a couple meters, my brain d-mush and her brain teen-mush has been interesting. Tonight was a good evening good mood, little homework, full belly and I think we made some progress with talk of using one meter if possible, maybe a little notebook in her insulin case and supper bolus change decision made TOGETHER.

Today I mentioned this tool that shows the time since your last bolus in the pen lid and she just gave me her crooked grin and said "Leave it to you to find something like that."  I need a little more love than that! 

I have upped her Lantus one time by one unit because she was just constantly high.  which is absolutely appropriate for only 5 days in.  please send patience That gave us only a couple in range numbers that hardly count at all.  Tonight we moved her supper I:C ratio from 1:20 to 1:16.  I would like to get the Lantus set before making changes to I:C but after supper she has been so high it blew the whole night after night after night testings.  Yawn  That coupled with trying to dig my way through 10 layers of clothes and a robe to do a correction injection at 3:00am gave me motivation to get a good bed time number.  Tonight just might work out.  She was actually home at a decent hour and she had a 2 hr after supper number of 134.  I got a good amount of protein in her so hopefully she has enough food on board not to go low.  Fingers crossed.

Update:  She did not go low and overnight numbers were 145, 146 and 180.  Getting there! happy dance


  1. Bravo to you for going through all of this change with such a brave face on.

    Being a teen with diabetes is pretty hard, but it sounds like you guys are doing well overall. Keep at it, and just roll with the punches (says the guy who's kids aren't yet teenagers).

    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement! (and just you wait!)

  2. We took a pump break at the lake this summer. For one week. Her numbers were crazy. Was so glad to hook her back up to that thing. Hang in there. You'll get it all figured out just in time for her to want to go back on the pump!

    1. Ha! Excactly what I was thinking! I mentioned the holidays and she stopped in her tracks..."Oh, yeah, I'll probably want at least a set in for the holidays!"