Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Apple in My Eye

After doing some long, painful, kill-me-now, handing out some serious hurt if one more person parks their cart in the middle of the aisle Christmas shopping we stopped for a bite to eat.  I caved on the apple juice and Cheetos because "everybody at camp drinks apple juice" and I was tired.

BG before: 150 something

BG three hours after: 130

"IN. YOUR. FACE!" so says the apple juice according to Roo.

Sigh.  I'll hear about this for years.

In other news:
Went to Roo's band and chorus concert and upon return learned that Pink had a low of 56 shortly after I left.  She was home alone.  So proud of her treating and keeping herself safe!!!  But left my tummy a little sick.


  1. It was probably the combination of apple juice and Cheetos--when eaten together, the body metabolizes them as kale.

    Two nerve-wracking WINS!