Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ketone Randomness

Checking the sleeping girls around 7:00am before heading to work greeted with 358 from Pink. Crap.  3:00am was a little high but this is not good. Does not feel right. Check for ketones and "Good Morning" this
most likely a failed site
FourDays Trivia:  Roo has never had ketones.

Shoot up Pink with a load of insulin.  New set.  Water.  Call in late to work. Pink back to sleep.
Finally give into d-mama paranoia and break out this:

Have tried to respect
privacy until now.
Too bad, so sad.


                   Seriously with this microscrew
               to enter the battery 

this picture would not
move until I called it a
little shit in this caption.

Luckily? computer down so
just purchase this which so generously
comes with its own Phillips microscrewdriver. 
So impressive the sales rep mentioned it twice. 
I thought at the time "uh, OK".
Clearly I misjudged the genius of the sales rep. 

Couple hours later, 238 BG and .4 ketones.  Get Pink out of bed.  Off to work.
Touch base with Pink a couple times.  BG upper 100 to lower 200, ketones hovering around .2.  Had some lunch.  Odd because she usually gets down to zero. 

Then get text:
"..I feel sick"    "As in throw up..."   Now I feel a little sick.  Call to discuss.
BG 92ish, ketones .2.  Eat a few uncovered carbs to get BG up.
Later, BG 154, ketones .4.  Still considered negative but too weird.  Leave work.  Unsettled. 
Change everything out: insulin, reservoir, tubing, set and never before used site.
Just waiting for vomit to join us. Maybe Hoping she's just hungover from 2.0 ketones from morning?
AND. THE. WORLD. STOPS.  Only two ketone strips left!!
like gold
(but more expensive)
they get the job done
Plus a friend's daughter has been very thirsty and peeing and at the doctor right then.  Heard the doctor only took a urine sample and did not draw any blood.  What if I need to rush a ketone strip over and narrowly save this youngin's life that the doctor so foolishly threw aside? (this last sentence is only a dramatization).  Time to break out good ol' reliable and pray they are not expired.

FourDays Trivia: Peeing on a Ketostix, probably the easiest thing about T1D, was the one thing the girls would complain and whine about when first diagnosed.  I think because it was the one thing that had any wiggle room.

This is getting too long with no real point so I'm bailing. <--Now that is some superior blogging right there.
The rest of the evening saw 65, (fyi-survival hunger overrides nauseated), 200, down (please don't vomit), a little up, down, underbolusing, down, pee stick clear, chocolate milk and finally leveling out around 5:30am at 135 with never a vomit spewed.


  1. I am going to check the expiration date on our keytones strips now. Glad to hear Pink is feeling better.

  2. that *was* some superior blogging right there. i'm so glad you're here.

    i love her question: go in a ponytail or go at the last second? and i love that she trusts you to know which of those paths to take.

    1. Let this be a lesson to all: nap first, blog second.

  3. What a ride - doesn't sound fun, at all.