Thursday, July 18, 2013

More Random

Fasting blood draw for Pink this morning.
Summering girlie is not too excited about getting out of bed, let alone getting out of bed so someone can drain her of blood.

In the car we were discussing the definition of "fasting".  She had a quizzical look about her but we had arrived and we went into the clinic to check in.  As we were walking up to the reception desk she just says "but last night..."  Uhhhhggg!  I had given her some chocolate milk at midnight to boost a BG of 80-something! Luckily we got the OK and went right back. 

Pink definitely does not like blood draws but has always just got it done.  No hand holding or lightheadedness.  She rocked it like always.

We were walking out and she turns and says "I think I might throw up." A quick-walk to the bathroom where she proceeds to heave up nothing.  What the ???

All done and I ask if she can make it home. She nods, stands up, and simply says,

"That was random."

Love this girl!


  1. On Tuesday morning Jack and I are going in for fasting blood sugar tests for our TrialNet follow-up. I didn't realize it was a big blood draw. I was picturing finger pokes.

    And it's something like every fifteen minutes for two hours! OMG.

    I shall join Pink in the dry heaving.

    1. Yikes! That might make even me a little ashen. Good luck!!! Will be thinking of you both!