Saturday, August 11, 2012

Extended Bolus fail

The only thing I've figured out about extended boluses is that I haven't figured them out yet.  Only recently has Pink started needing this most excellent feature of pumping.  I've identified pizza and hamburgers as two troublemakers.  No surprise there.

Supper tonight was a hamburger and fries at our favorite local, family owned, Greek restaurant.

     >>60% up front (5.40u) -> 40% over 2 hrs (3.55u)


930 3.3u  30carbs  (ate the 30carbs about 15 min later)

10:30pm...82bg (treated) ---No wonder she was HUNGRY at 9:30!


Will continue to check since she has 2 units still on board.  WTH?

Oh - I had a Mo's salad.  Greens, tomatoes, olives, feta cheese, marinated grilled chicken, cucumbers (picked off), Greek oil dressing with a side of warmed pita bread.  Deelish!

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