Sunday, August 12, 2012

Two minds for one pancreas and the d-sense

Roo will be turning 16 next week.  (EEEeekkk!  Stay off the roads!)  She has been very responsible with her independent diabetes care.  So much so that I've noticed her introducing some, how should I say, "by feeling" management techniques.  She has a sense.  The d-sense.  Different than my d-mama sense.  I don't know if it is because of how her body feels.  Or because she has learned from repetitiveness without really realizing it.  She has so far not been interested in talking at any length about managing diabetes or the dirty detail of insulin adjustments.  I've asked her why she gave an extra bit of insulin once and she could not explain it.  She seemed to do it at the same time each day.  Don't get me wrong.  I think this is amazing!  But she is also adamant that I be the primary diabetes manager.  I make all the insulin adjustments.  This brought on a talk we had to have about how I cannot be the ideal pancreas if we both don't follow the same rules.  So when she is d-sensing she should let me know so we can make the adjustments in the pump.  So we set some ground rules:

1.  accurate carb counting
2.  following the pump settings and suggestions
3.  discuss when she is feeling the d-sense so I can make the changes in the pump instead.

I think we have found a good place for this awkward, early transition time.  And hopefully this will move her naturally and gradually to more diabetes management.

Just typing "transition" makes me think of college and brings on another chapter of follow the driving chapter.

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  1. Oh, lordy, how I would like some d-sense.

    I refuse to think about driving. Seven years to prepare, and I plan to avoid thinking about it for at least 6.95 years.

    Then I remember that I used to be afraid for my children to ride their bikes off of the driveway. One thing at a time.

    By that I mean, good luck! Everything will be fine or even better than fine.