Thursday, August 23, 2012


My whole life I've sometimes felt shaky, hot and\or sweaty when I've gotten too hungry.  Since T1 has come into my life I've often wondered what my non-D blood sugar would read at these shaky times.  It just never worked out for me to check.  (I feel awkward testing my blood sugar in front of the girls - don't know why.)

Today I had a pre-lunch shaky so I grabbed the extra meter I carry in my purse....


Then remember Bigfoot brave post.  Will check 2 hr after eat.

son of a...Ouch!
150  crap.

I'll give it another 45 min.  Good plan.

141  shit

Now a little obsessed.  30 minutes later  (3hr 15min after lunch)

(face scrunched up in anticipation of the lancing) oh, not too bad

Another test is probably in order.  But more importantly,

Of all that is holy, lancing your finger hurts!  One finger still hurts.
Poor girlies!!!  I'm sooo sorry you have to do this to your bodies!  If I could take it away I would!

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  1. Every time I test I squeeze my eyes shut--feel like I should be clamping my teeth down on a rag like in old-timey surgery.

    I feel shaky hot sweaty low sometimes too--(even before obsessed with diabetes)--different from normal hungry. When I feel this "low" it's usually 70 something.