Thursday, October 18, 2012

Swinging and Singing

As a parent of a child(ren) with diabetes have you ever actually timed and counted the swings of your emotions in a day?   Just this evening:

6:00  spent - home from work
6:01  glad - see Pink's sweet face coming to greet me
6:02  concern - funny look on her face and she informs me she just treated a 58
6:05  alert - cuddled on couch waiting out the low
6:08  disgusted - no supper, no nothing done before I got home
6:09  empathy - Pink feels very bad and survival hunger kicks in
6:10  irritated - Pink developing major attitude with lows and highs
6:20  relief - Pink coming up and happily shoveling food
6:25  worry - Roo leaving to drive to school and musical practice with lots of dancing
6:30  disappointed - baseball on instead of Big Bang
6:31  numb - computer time and mundane household stuff
7:30  surprised - Pink remembers to take shower without reminder (Haaa-lle-lu-jah!)
8:30  slight alert - Pink not out of shower yet but have not heard loud thud of wet, limp body hitting shower floor
8:31  JOY - Pink singing in shower (I experience equal joy hearing littles singing on the potty)
8:40  happy - Roo home a little early - no problems
8:45  amused - Pink cuts her eyes at me as she goes to get her forgotten pump after I ask if anyone needs an insulin refill
8:46  heartbreak - a flash of their futures never, ever away from insulin sneaks in
9:00  miffed - Roo needs more money for two more freakin' school something-or-nothing t-shirts.
9:10  tickled -  Roo's ooo and ahh at the sparkly dresses on Project Runway.  She's such a foo-foo girl.
9:30 wasted - still have to test BGs and make plans for the night...UGH and pack a cooler for Roo's away football game tomorrow.

That would explain the urge to hide under my blankets sucking my thumb.

But then I would miss the singing!


  1. Isn't it a crazy thing how parenting and diabetes management can pull us through so many emotions so quickly?

  2. this is amazing, what you've done here. i definitely want to try to notice what i feel minute by minute. i think i'd need an actually notepad to remind me to notice what i feel.

    are you a guru? i think you're a guru.

    1. Eesh...hardly! Just an rare moment of insightfulness. Most of the time I struggle to string a coherent sentence together.

  3. Singing while on the potty? I kind of love that mental image. :) (Great post, btw.)