Friday, October 12, 2012

A Glucose Lick

Teenagers (at least mine) seem to only learn from mistakes and consequences.  Or if they hear the wisdom from a friend and not Mom.  But, man oh man, it is scary when those lessons deal with diabetes.  Why must they learn about managing diabetes through mistakes? 

How many times do you repeat yourself when it comes to diabetes behavior? 

Before they go out the door: "Do you have your meter, glucose, phone, do you have your meter, glucose, phone, meter, glucose, phone, brain, meter, glucose, strips, phone.  Keep your bag close, keep your bag close, your bag close, your bag close, close.  Put glucose in your pocket, in your pocket, on your person, in the Spibelt, in your sock, in your bra, right off stage, glucose, glucose, glucose!"  
pick your life-saving poison

Roo comes home from musical practice with "Guess what number I hit today?!"

Me:  I don't like this game.  400?

Roo:  58!!  (which is loooww for her.)

She had to leave the stage and there was only crushed Smarties in the bottom of her bag!  She sent a friend out to her car for more glucose!  I told her you should have been licking the sugar dusty bottom of that bag.  I had an image of a hanging horse feeding bag thingy or a salt lick.  A sugar lick.  I should hang a big old glucose lick around her neck.

And repeated: At least two forms of glucose and a medium carb before you go out the door.  Two forms of glucose and a medium carb.

What exactly is going on in those mushy teenage brians?  Please tell me!  

One good thing she said was that her friends got a reminder of how to help and one checked her blood sugar for her.  LOVE those friends!

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