Monday, October 8, 2012

Jury Duty

I recently received notice I was being called for jury service. Who knew a little postcard could get my heart racing.  Of course my first thoughts were d-mama thoughts: I can't do this, what if something happened, how would they reach me!? And then I read the line that said something like "There are no phones or electronics in the court room so you might as well just leave them there phones in the car because you ain't gettin' them in."

Uh...hells to the NO!  I could not compute the idea of not being able to be contacted for the care or for an emergency for the girls.

Let's be honest.  I had no sense of civic duty.  I had no conviction of citizenship.   It was like survival and protecting my littles.  I had a split second thought of maybe chancing that my days would be cancelled when I called the night before but that was quickly and fully overshadowed by what if I was actually picked for a jury for the longest trail ever to be seen in our county, a la O.J. 

I called the county clerk to see if a medical letter would excuse me.  She replied, not so enthusiastically, "Well...we can't do anything about it if you have a medical letter."  Cool.

I called the girls' endo and asked if they could provide a letter stating I'm the primary caretaker of two children with a chronic illness and should be excused from jury duty. (Why do I always want to capitalize Jury Duty?)  They provided said letter.  Awesome.

I sent the letter from the doctor and my jury duty reply in to the county and received this a couple days ago:

Not a shining pillar of citizenship but I'm relieved just the same.


  1. Nice. Considering I get phone calls from the school nurse twice a day for insulin dosing instructions, I'll have to keep this in mind the next time I get summoned.

  2. I am reading this right now while sitting in the Jury Waiting Room. About an hour ago, I checked my blood sugar and gave myself a correction bolus while sitting in the courtroom.

    It never ends...but we can make it work!