Thursday, October 4, 2012

One of us is going over the edge...

Late one evening at work when I would have rather been home...


I don't know what happen to the sound in this video
but there's a scary Pennywise-ish laugh. shiver.
Probably just me losing it.

Come on, come on, comeoncomeon

"DONK" - exactly how I felt.
That's what I get for choosing the PB M&Ms.

P.S.  The above was several days ago.  I checked the machine today
and it appears several others have been playing the junk food slots.


  1. how does this vending machine design stay alive? it's been infamous for bungled release for DECADES! i hope your fancy M&Ms were delicious.

  2. I did enjoy my PB M&M pity party all by myself in a dark office.

  3. Peanut Butter M&Ms are the perfect treat. I'd run the risk. Seriously - if I am lowish but not ACTUALLY low I measure out a 1/4 cup (yes, I actually measure or I'd eat a whole bag) and it does the trick!

    1. They would be perfect and I would be the BEST mommy! But I doubt the self control of all four of us. :)