Wednesday, September 19, 2012

almost Wordless Wednesday

Pink's got a tummy bug. 
Yesterday only bolused for half of what she ate and never went over 140. 
Today bolused 60% and made it up to 174.

tummy bug recovery tray - carb a la carte


  1. seeing other families' carb lists soothes my soul. thanks for sharing.

    how do you figure out how to bolus they're sick? i thought we'd have to bolus more---or is a tummy bug like...the food moves out too quickly to be fully utilized?

  2. Shhh...I'm just faking my way through this. I had read about others needing less after tummy problems. She hadn't gotten above 110 and I wanted her higher incase she started hurling. I bolused 1/2 thinking I could correct down later if need be but she didn't go past 140. I'm guessing whatever gut rot she has is slowing down the absorbtion of the food since there is no explosive exiting of anything from either the north or south pole.