Saturday, September 1, 2012

Looking Back: Pennywise

Looking Back posts are my effort to journal the diabetes times
that have gone before the start of this blog.

Here is an email I sent a family member about 9 months post dx. 

It stays quiet and watches you celebrate small successes.  Watches you build a little confidence.  Watches as you find a little rhythm.  Watches you watching your children's excitement over a great first day at school.  Watching.  Waiting.  Lurking.  And then this diabolical disease jumps out from its dark, sick sewer and smacks you up side the head.  Laughing at the protective walls you work to reinforce each day to allow a seemingly sane and normal life.  (The image that lives in my head for D is the clown in the movie "IT")

Roo is doing your basic English paper about who she is, what she likes and 3 life goals.  "Can I use having 3 kids as a life goal?" she asks me.  SMACK!  "Yes."  I reply, trying to catch my breath.  Now, I know that this goal is absolutely achievable, but the risks and hard work she will have to go through just breaks, rips and crushes my mommy heart.
<RhymesWithShucking, RhymesWithChitty-RhymesWithSass> D.  <RyhmesWithDuck> you.

Back from blowing my nose.  Breathe in.  Breathe out.  OK, I'm right back at it you little

Still right back atcha!


  1. Too scary! The picture! But perfect. So powerful, calm, "oh, you didn't think I'd left, did you?"

    I'm sorry I'm posting so many comments all at once. I'm just catching up on these--a happy binge.