Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Looking Back: Mind Controlling Blood Sugars

Looking Back posts are my effort to journal the diabetes times
that have gone before the start of this blog.

A few days after Pink's diagnosis, getting ready for one of my 10 trips to the grocery store in 3 days, I asked if there was a favorite candy she wanted to treat lows.  You know, during that time they could have absolutely anything they wanted to treat a low and they could have as much diet soda as their little hearts desired because...well...because.  Pink requested candy corn.  Being as it was October, that I could do.

I checked her blood sugar and all was well so off I went.  And you know the number had to be good for me to go to the store and leave her at home.  And you know I flew through that store thinking I would return home to find her unconscious on the floor with nobody else paying the slightest bit of mind.  I know you did the same those early days!
ohmmm...low blood sugar...ohmmm

When I got home and verified she was still upright at the computer, I unpacked the groceries.  I set the bag of candy corn on the table.  Pink saw it and was obviously disappointed she couldn't have any.  She didn't want a shot.  I told her she could have some the next day at a meal.  The poor thing went back to the computer.

My hand raised, I swear to the Corn King of Candy, 15 minutes later I hear from the other room "I feel low."  I check her and as sure as candy corn is nasty, she was low. 

"You did that on purpose!" I said.  "Candy corn coming up."


  1. quick! how many carbs in one candy corn? i think last year at this time i gave 7 to treat a low, so i probably thought 7 pieces was about 15g...?