Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Power of the Bracelet

Today I went to the TCOYD conference.  My favorite thing from the conference is my You Can Do This Project bracelet.  A tangible item that represents all the support the DOC gives me.  You give me more than I can ever repay.  Thank you! 

The bracelet ((hugs)) my wrist and touching it gives me strength. 
It will give me super powers to ward off the evil that is diabetes.  Just try to get at me or my girls!  With lightning fast reflexes I will block, reflect and crush all advances.  pstshoo, pstshoo!

artwork by alex ross 

"All women can do wonders if they're put to the test." -Wonder Woman (S1, E2)


  1. Love this, Laura! And it was a real treat to meet you IRL. Thank you for all of your amazing hard work with the girls.

    1. Look at your busy self taking time for me. Thanks for the read and it was a huge pleasure meeting you!