Friday, September 21, 2012

"Laura? ...Roo passed out."

Incoming call from Roo's cell phone:

CheerCoach:  Laura?  This is CheerCoach.  Roo is OK, she's OK, but she passed out.
Me: <buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz in my head><30 min away><why the fuck am I not there>
CC:  She is OK  We checked her blood sugar and she is 208.  What should we do? 
Me: She is alert?
CC:  Yes, the girls had her eat a cookie.  She is laying on the track.
lots of chatter, chatter, chatter in the background.  I can hear Roo's voice.
Me: Clean her fingers and check again.  There should be a wet wipe or alcohol swab in the top of her cooler.  Make sure the finger is dry.  Is the medic for the game still there?
CC: No, I think she left.  Roo keeps yelling to you that she's is OK.  She loves you.  She's OK.
that girl - my pulse drops from 200 to 150
if you can call it small talk while waiting for the number
Me: Is she able to check herself?  I wish I was there, I'd have that blood on there in two seconds.
CC: She says her hands are shaky
Me: What happened?
CC:  They were cheering the football players.  They won the game.
Me:  Maybe she fainted because they won.  nervous laughter all around.  Have that number yet?
CC:  199.  Should we wait or get on the bus or...?  The medic is here now.
pulse drops to 110
Me:  Does the medic see anything non-diabetic?
CC:  No.  Roo is still saying she is fine.
Me:  Can I talk to her?
Roo:  Hi.  I'm fine really.  I didn't feel anything but I wasn't paying attention.  I just noticed I couldn't feel my legs and then I was rolling over and everyone was coming towards me and looking at me.
Me:  You don't feel low or wiped out?
Roo:  No.  My hands are shaky but I didn't feel low and I feel fine now.  I think I can walk to the bus.
Me:  OK.  I think you are fine to get on the bus but I want you to check every 15 minutes. 
Roo:  OK.
Me: Let me talk to CC
I hear someone in the background say "If this had been New York you'd have laid there for 2 days."  Turns out it was the head football coach.  hardy har har.
Me to CC: I think she's fine to get on the bus but I've asked her to check every 15 minutes so if you could just make sure she does and then texts me the number.
CC:  Absolutely.  I'll be sitting right behind her so I'll make sure she does that.
Me:  Thank you so much.

Texts that follow:

Fixed her up at home.  No ketones (.3 on meter).  She's never had ketones so maybe that is enough to make her tummy feel bad.  Maybe it was adrenaline crash.

So what the hell happened?  Regular person faint from lack of blood and oxygen to brain from yelling?  No food?  I haven't asked her if she ate.  Unknown, obscure, diabetes related, never heard of crap ass thing? 

I have that conference tomorrow.  Pink has been sick for 4 days and now this.  Maybe I can go late once the girls are awake and safe.  I wonder if a diabetes conference will accept a diabetes related tardiness?

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