Wednesday, September 12, 2012

To Go or Not to Go

I don't do well in social settings.  Which actually translates to elevated heart rate, sweaty palms, pitty pits, darting eyes and a barely controlled urge to bolt.

So if you're going to the TCOYD conference in Des Moines, Iowa on Sept 22 I should be easy to pick out of the crowd.

better pick me up
some of these

This is sooo not my thing.  But I want to hear the speakers and visit the vendors and, most of all, get You Can Do This bracelets for all of us.  But then they might find me out!  The jig will be up.  IRL scares the shit out of me.  I'm NOT doing the video!  You cannot make me.

Who will I eat lunch with?  (Am I still in high school?!)  Is it OK to wear my standard uniform of jeans and t-shirt?  What if I bawl the whole time? (I tend to get weepy in larger groups of people/children with diabetes)

Probably not the best idea to post about it (for all 3 of you to read) but I wanted to put it out there so I have motivation to come back here and post that I actually went and hopefully tell you how wonderful it was.

Possible outcomes include, in order from least likely to most likely:

1.  I will not go.
2.  I will go and be a perfect social butterfly, introducing myself to everyone, hunting down the famous DOCers, hugging, eagerly participating in all open discussions with thoughtfulness and wit.
3.  I will go, eat lunch in my car, and swoop in to snag a bracelet when the You Can Do This girls are busy.
4.  I will go, avoid most everyone, maybe eat at the banquet, introduce myself to You Can Do This girls and honestly gush over them with a high probability of an honest hug and try to snag a VerioIQ meter.


  1. Go!!!!! Go go go! Oh how I wish I lived close enough to go, because I would totally eat lunch with you. I'd probably hang with you all day and you'd be desperately trying to find a way to ditch me (but whatever). ;) I've been to TCOYD three times, and it has been great each time. Big and a bit overwhelming, yes. But by all means, find the D-Bloggers and say hi. D-Bloggers are a friendly, inclusive bunch - so don't worry one bit. And the YCDT girls won't force you to make a video.

  2. OK, ok! Thank you! for the encouragement. I've put it on the REFRIGERATOR calendar. It goes on there and it's solid. I just have to just get over myself. Is there alcohol? :)

  3. I am so glad you came! And see, Karen is right, we are a friendly and inclusive bunch. :-)